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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance choices can be complicated. In Pennsylvania, liability coverage and first party medical coverage are mandatory. Leased or financed vehicles may have certain requirements. Everything else is optional and your choice. Let KGS Insurance educate you on the coverage available and guide you in making the best choices to have the coverage you need.



Collision - Covers damages to your car in the event of a collision with another vehicle or object. The deductible is your choice. The higher the deductible, the lower your premium or cost.

Comprehensive - Covers damages to your car in any event other than a collision. This may include fire, theft, flood, and vandalism. The deductible is your choice.

Liability - Bodily injury and property damage liability cover the damages you cause to other persons or property. You can choose split limits or combined single limits. Split bodily injury limits demonstrate the limits of coverage per person/ per accident and then an additional limit for any property damages. Combined single limit gives you one lump sum limit to cover all injuries and property damage in the loss. Most states have minimum required limits that you must carry. Discuss this with KGS Insurance and choose the limits to make sure you are properly covered in the event you cause a serious accident.

First Party Benefits - Medical coverage has a state minimum requirement in Pennsylvania. You may choose to carry higher limits. This covers your medical expenses caused as a result of an auto accident regardless of who is at fault. There are also optional coverage choices of accidental death, funeral benefits, and income loss at minimal cost to you to cover you in the event of an auto accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist - This coverage is optional but provides you coverage on your own policy in the event the other driver has no insurance, not enough insurance to cover all of the damages you are legally entitled to for your bodily injury, or is a hit-and-run driver.

Roadside Service - This is optional but handy if you have a tow bill, locked your keys in your car, or have run out of fuel. Add this to your policy for minimal cost each year.

Rental reimbursement - This is optional, but important, if you will be inconvenienced by a vehicle in the body shop for repairs from a covered loss or accident. You can purchase different amounts of coverage per day for usually 30 or 45 days.

Other Endorsements or Features included or you can add to your policy:Car Insurance

Rate Protection Endorsement - With Erie Rate Lock, your premium will never change-even if you submit a claim- at your renewals. The premium does not change until you change a vehicle or driver, or change your primary residence. Lock in your rate with KGS Insurance and Erie!

New Auto Lease/Loan or GAP Coverage - This coverage provides additional protection in a total loss to your auto. It covers the difference between the actual cash value of your vehicle and the amount due under the terms of your loan or lease.

Diminishing deductible feature - Several carriers offer diminishing deductible features for each year you are claims free. Talk to your KGS Insurance agent today to see if you qualify.

Vacation Interruption coverage - If your vehicle breaks down and you need to stay in hotel, some carriers include coverage to aid in the additional expense

Pet protection coverage - Several carriers include coverage for your pet that is injured in an auto accident.

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