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We can also offer many discounts to save you money:


  • Multi-Policy/Life Multi-Policy Discount - If you insure your home or a covered driver has a qualified Life Policy with the same carrier, you may be eligible for this discount.

  • Multi-Car Discount - If two or more cars are insured with the same carrier and all vehicles are owned & used by individuals and/or relatives residing in same household, you receive a discount.

  • Vehicle Safety Equipment - Anti-Lock Brakes, Airbags, Anti-theft equipment on your vehicle allows for discounts on various coverages of your policy.

  • Safe Driver Discount - Offered to new auto policyholders who are claims & violation-free within the past three years for all drivers insured on the policy.

  • PERC (Pioneer Experience Rating Credit) - Insured with Erie for 3 years and have a good claims history.

    Pay Plan Discount - Available with select payment plans.

  • Reduced Usage Discount - Available on an auto not driven for at least 90 consecutive days during the policy period. Cannot be added retroactively.

  • Accident Prevention Courses - Drivers that have reached age 55 and have successfully completed an approved driver improvement course within the last 3 years.

  • Driver Training Courses - Drivers under age 21 that have completed an accredited driver training course may be eligible for this discount. You must have completed both classroom and behind the wheel training to be eligible for this discount.

  • Youthful Driver Discount - Available to reflect the limited use of an auto due to graduated licensing program. Unmarried drivers under 21 residing with their parents may be eligible.

  • College Student - Young, unmarried, full-time college students spending most of the term away from home, without the use of an auto, are eligible.

  • Over 55 Age Discount - Cars principally driven by an insured who has reached the age of 55 are eligible for this discount.

Snapshot Discount - If you brake with care, drive mainly in the daylight hours, and drive fewer miles, you could qualify for up to a 30% discount on your Progressive auto policy. This is done by adding a small tracking device they provide to your vehicle for 6 months of monitoring. It is applied per vehicle and continues at your renewal time. Ask your agent about more information on this new technology and discount available only through Progressive.

Erie's Customer Incentive Program saves you more money by guaranteeing not to raise your auto premium by a surcharge under the following circumstances:

First Accident Forgiveness Plan - If your policy is with Erie Insurance Exchange and you remain accident-free for the first three years, you will not be surcharged in the event of a first "at-fault" accident.

Feature 15 - After your auto policy has been continuously in force for 15 consecutive years with Erie, you never will be surcharged for an "at-fault" accident again.

(These features do not apply to traffic violations/tickets; cancellations and non-renewal laws still apply.)