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A Bond promises your client that you'll finish a job according to the contract you established with them. A Bond with Erie is backed by the financial security of a consistently, highly-rated company by A.M. Best Company each year. Erie is Treasury Listed by the U.S. Government and their strength is further protected by re-insurers. Rest assured Erie Bonds will aid you when the unexpected occurs.

We offer various bonds to suit your specific needs:

  • Contract Bonds - This guarantees your work as a contractor, completion time and price. This could be bid or proposal bonds, payment bonds, performance bonds, or maintenance bonds.
  • License and Permit Bonds - Insures you as a business are complying with license and permit regulations. This can include: auctioneer bonds, real estate broker bonds, gasoline tax bonds, liquor and /or beer bonds, home improvement bonds, electrician bonds, plumbers bonds, fuel dealer bonds, and motor vehicle dealer bonds.
  • Public Official Bonds - This is a guarantee to the public that the newly appointed official will perform the duties of the office as elected. This can include: Tax collector Bonds, Notary Public Bonds, Constable Bonds, Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff Bonds, Treasurer-State, County, City, School Bonds, Clerk of Court Bonds, or Clerk, City or Clerk-Treasure Bonds.
  • Court Bonds - May be required by either the defendant or plaintiff in connection with litigation. Some available with Erie are: Attachment- Plaintiff Bonds, Costs-Plaintiff Bond, Indemnity to Sheriff Bonds, Injunction-Plaintiff Bonds, Liquidator Bonds, and Replevin Bonds.
  • Fiduciary or Probate Bonds - This guarantees that a person appointed by the courts to handle affairs of another will be faithful in these duties. This can include: Administrator Bonds, Guardian Bonds, and Trustee Bonds
  • Miscellaneous Bonds -Others that are not classified in a category may be: Lost instrument Bond-Stocks, Bonds, Checks and Certificates of Deposit, Airlines Reporting Corporation Bonds, and Wage and Payment Bonds.

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