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So now you have an unfortunate circumstance of a claim. This is what you paid for remember…and Erie and KGS are promising to be "Above all in sERvIcE!" You are likely looking for immediate attention to your individual circumstance. We at KGS Insurance provide many options for claims to be reported as you choose and 24/7. Here are some phone numbers and our website provides direct links to each carrier's site that includes further claims information and on-line reporting if you desire.

  • Online at a direct claim report can be filed
    •   Use the top tab of customer service then choose claims on the left top corner link
  • Online at the local branch office phone numbers
    •   Use the top tab of customer service, then claims on left link for the branch closest to your location
  • 24/7 for Erie claims : 800-367-3743
  • Erie glass/windshield claims: 800-552-3743
  • Erie ID theft/recovery claims: 866-ERIENOW



  • Online at a direct claim report can be filed
    •   Use the claims center tab at the top
  • 24/7 claims phone: 800-274-4499 from anywhere

  • Online at
    •   Use the file a claim tab at the top
  • 24/7 claims phone: 800-527-3907

  • Online at
  • Call directly at: 888-567-9600 or call KGS Insurance Agency and we will report it for you.


The links on our website take you right to each carrier's home page to start the process.

**And remember there is always the number one option of calling our agency directly at 717-449-5432. KGS Insurance is always here to assist you in your time of need. Emergency numbers are listed on voicemails if it is after hours and your agent is not available.