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Workers Compensation Insurance


PoliciesWorkers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance provides coverage to make you compliant with your responsibilities as an employer by the Workers Compensation Law of your state.

The Worker's Compensation portion of the policy is designed to cover your employees's injury or disease arising in the course of employment regardless of negligence on your part.

The Employer's Liability portion of the policy protects you in the event you are negligent and cause a work-related employee injury that is not covered by the workers compensation system.

Erie offers Loss Control Services to add in training and injury loss prevention to you and your business. Less injuries and less claims are better for your business and its future insurance rates. Your workers compensation insurance is based on your past three years loss experience. The Erie Comp program can offer assistance and programs in:

  • Fleet Safety
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Occupational Health Surveys
  • Loss Control Program Evalatuions
  • Industrial Safety Programs
  • Safety Training

Erie also takes direct reports of accidents and aids in setting up physican panels and reports that you would need to file. We also focus on early return to work programs.

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